jeudi 27 janvier 2011

Day 2

Early wake up. rainy, cold & windy.

Meeting at the Belga Café ( on Place Flagey with Jee Nice from Annatitude Magazine ( It's a 100% female magazine about the ladies in the music/design/graffiti world. Jee Nice wanted to do a focus on Ngoc Lan for their next issue. It was a very interesting moment that we spend in a really warm atmosphere around a huge glass of fresh mint tea.

We spend the rest of the day walking around Brussels, doing some shopping and enjoying what the city had to offer... it's definitely a city with lots of artistic energy, you can feel it.

We were ready to properly start the tour.. Argane Kafe here we come !

mercredi 26 janvier 2011

Day 1

BXL arrival @ 6pm.

After leaving all the luggages at the loft where we gonna spend the week, we went at the grocery store to get some supply (Pirat Juice, Coke & Milka Melo Cakes..). We are located in the "Voltaire'' neighborhood, it's a quiet nice area. typical Brussels style.

In order to spend a restful night we walked by a very surprising and colorful restaurant near the center of the city called Houtsiplou ( to satisfy our hunger. Mr Comb told us we had to try their weird "tartines" with pretty much anything you want on it and he was right. Their burgers are also dope. Definitely a nice spot in BXL.

Oh by the way, the rabbit's name is Snorky, Smarties, Snuffies.. something like that !

mardi 25 janvier 2011


In order to give you content updates about our tour in Brussels, Food for ya Soul & Chief have decided to create this blog, so you can follow us from January 25th to 31st.

Stay tuned for more infos...

One love,

Boo, Ngoc Lan, Mr Comb, Chief